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“There’s a great deal of scientific evidence that social connectedness is a very strong protector of emotional well-being,.” — Andrew Weil

Live-Streaming Yoga from The Opener:
Connect to Practice from the Comfort of Home

It continues to be a blessing to be able to connect with you while we are sheltered in place.  Though it is not the same as sharing physical space, it does provide a moment of social connection, which I am finding very comforting.  I am also concentrating our classes on themes to help you manage your stress and keep your lungs healthy during this pandemic.  Thank you for showing up for yourself and for your community.  May your practice continue to be a solace to you in these uncertain times.

These mindful yoga classes are open to all-comers looking for a way to reduce their stress during the Corona Virus pandemic.  We will focus on practice that help you feel more grounded and calm amidst this uncertainty.

The Opener
Wednesdays – Mindful Yoga at 9:00 – 10:00 am (PST).
Fridays – Gentle Yoga. 9:00 – 10:00 am (PST). 

Additional classes available with me via Namaste Yoga
Mondays,  4:00-5:00pm Yoga + Mindfulness
Tuesdays, 10:00-11:00am Yoga + Mindfulness
Wednesday, 11:30-12:00 Breathing for Anxiety
Friday, 11:30 – 12:00 Breathing for Anxiety
Saturdays, 9:30-10:30pm Yoga + Mindfulness

1. Download the Zoom app for desktop computer or mobile devices (smart phones/iPads). For the best experience, you’ll want to join from a device with a video camera and microphone. This way, I can both see and hear you. You have the option to join class without video from your end if you prefer.
2. Click this Zoom Link to enter my Zoom Room.
3. Use the Password:  716728
4. Practice in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Note that the registration from Namaste classes is slightly different.  See their FAQ webpage for details.

The classes from The Opener are by donation.  For reference, the regular fee is $20/class. If you are experiencing financial hardship related to the Coronavirus epidemic, you are welcome to pay what you can using the “Other Amount” option.  If you are faring well and want to fill in gaps for other yogis in our community who are experiencing financial hardship, you can opt to add support ($25/class). If you come regularly, you may choose the monthly unlimited option, which includes all of my yoga and breathing classes.  Please use one of the following payment portals for your donation.  Note you can use Venmo directly or through the Paypal portal.  
Venmo: @Domonick-Wegesin

Pay with PayPal
Other Amount:
Your Email Address:


If you prefer, you can send a check to:
Domonick Wegesin
12 Shetland Ct.
Oakland, CA  94605

The Monday, Tuesday and Saturday classes via Namaste are paid when you register on their website.  Their drop-in rate is $30/class, or you can get a discount with a membership. 

First, I appreciate your patience as I navigate this new medium of teaching. This transition gives us all ample opportunities to use our mindful tools to be more accepting of ourselves as we figure things out. Recognize, it may not go perfectly the first time (as I have already noticed).

Q:  When should I log in to class?
A:  My Zoom Room should be available 15 minutes prior to the start of class.  You can join anytime thereafter.  

Q: Will I be seen in my house as I am practicing?
A: Once you click to join the classroom, you can choose to join with our without video. If you choose with, the teacher and other attendees will see you. These classes will not be recorded, so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you other than your virtual classmates and your teacher.

Q: Can I change the view so I am only seeing the teacher?
A: “Speaker” view allows you to follow the teacher, while “Gallery” view will show other students in the class. Since a lot of us know each other, it can be nice to connect this way.

Q: Can I ask questions during the practice?
A: When you enter the virtual classroom, your microphone will be muted. This reduces audio feedback for all attendees. If you have a question/concern during class, you can unmute your microphone temporarily and I will be able to hear you.

Q: What should I do if my internet connection isn’t working well?
A: If your internet connection slows down during class, try turning off your video camera so you can still see the class, but the teacher and other people in class can’t see you. This helps decrease the load on your wifi connection.

Q:  What do I do if I get disconnected from the room during the practice?
A:  Return to the Zoom Room by clicking the same link you used to enter initially.

Q: What is the best browser to use for virtual classes?
A: Zoom works best when using the Chrome web browser if you are using your laptop and not the desktop app.

Q: Can I talk to the teacher after the class?
A: After we finish, I will unmute your speaker so that you can say hello or ask a question.  

Q: Can you help me with technical issues?
A: Unfortunately, I am not able to provide technical assistance with Zoom. I suggest you use Zoom’s help support to trouble-shoot your problem. Tech is not my forté, and is hard to manage distally.

Q: Will you be teaching any evening classes?
A:  If you are interested in a class outside of the 9-5 schedule, please let me know.  If I have adequate interest, I will add a class to accommodate those still working 9-5.

Today’s Poem

The Sun – Mary Oliver

Have you ever seen 


in your life 

more wonderful

than the way the sun, 

every evening, 

relaxed and easy, 

floats toward the horizon

and into the clouds or the hills, 

or the rumpled sea, 

and is gone– 

and how it slides again

out of the blackness, 

every morning, 

on the other side of the world, 

like a red flower

streaming upward on its heavenly oils, 

say, on a morning in early summer, 

at its perfect imperial distance– 

and have you ever felt for anything 

such wild love– 

do you think there is anywhere, in any language, 

a word billowing enough 

for the pleasure

that fills you, 

as the sun 

reaches out, 

as it warms you

as you stand there, 


or have you too 

turned from this world–

or have you too 

gone crazy 

for power, 

for things?

Yoga for Anxiety

In the age of this pandemic, dealing with anxiety has become a daily ritual for most of us.  If you realize that where you engage your attention creates your experience of that moment, you may realize that you are spending a lot of time in worry.  So even when everything is relatively fine in the moment, your body/brain are experiencing whatever it is you are fearing.  Your fight or flight system gets turned on as if the worry thought were actually happening now.

In this course you will learn mindfulness techniques to help you wake up to notice that you are worrying or feeling anxious, and yogic breathing techniques to help you calm down.  You’ll do some yoga stretches to help you breathe more deeply and easily, but yoga poses are not the focus of this class.  

You will finish with a set of  tools for reducing anxiety symptoms and enhancing your ability to let go of anxious worries.  The course will also address the neuroscience of fear to give you a better understanding of how your brain reacts when it is anxious, and how using the tools can help to quiet your brain’s fight or flight response.

No previous experience is needed, just a willingness to show up and practice. You will be doing exercises at home in between our group sessions to learn how to apply the tools in real life situations.    

Five Mondays: June 1 – June 29.  6:00-7:45 pm

Sliding Scale:  $100-$200.  (Includes classes, course workbook, and mp3 guided meditations) 

Location: Virtual, Zoom

Register:  email Domonick.


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