New Class: Yoga for Anxiety

“You either move toward something you love or away from something you fear. The first expands. The second constricts.” –Tom Crum


Is your world growing or shrinking? Are you expanding your relationship with life or allowing it to hold you in place?

We all experience different flavors of anxiety, like social unease, performance butterflies, or apprehensions about public speaking. In this workshop, we’ll explore the idea that fear itself is not a problem, but our reaction to fear that can be problematic. When we make choices based on our worries and anxieties, our world gets smaller and smaller as we become less and less tolerant of any event or person that might evoke a response tending toward anxiety. The more we face our fears and allow them to be a natural part of our experience, the more we can broaden our horizons and explore the world around us.

In this workshop series, we will use gentle yoga and mindfulness meditation as tools to work with life’s anxieties. You will learn simple techniques to manage apprehension and nervousness, so that it doesn’t interfere with your pursuits and dreams.

Domonick will also address the neuroscience of fear to give you a better understanding of how your brain reacts when it is anxious, nervous, or fearful, and how the simple practice of noting worries when they arise helps to quiet the brain’s fight or flight response.

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