Treatments for Stress & Anxiety

5-week Anxiety Course 


Yoga for Anxiety

In the age of this pandemic, dealing with anxiety has become a daily ritual for most of us.  If you realize that where you engage your attention creates your experience of that moment, you may realize that you are spending a lot of time in worry.  So even when everything is relatively fine in the moment, your body/brain are experiencing whatever it is you are fearing.  Your fight or flight system gets turned on as if the worry thought were actually happening now.

In this course you will learn mindfulness techniques to help you wake up to notice that you are worrying or feeling anxious, and yogic breathing techniques to help you calm down.  You’ll do some yoga stretches to help you breathe more deeply and easily, but yoga poses are not the focus of this class.  

You will finish with a set of  tools for reducing anxiety symptoms and enhancing your ability to let go of anxious worries.  The course will also address the neuroscience of fear to give you a better understanding of how your brain reacts when it is anxious, and how using the tools can help to quiet your brain’s fight or flight response.

No previous experience is needed, just a willingness to show up and practice. You will be doing exercises at home in between our group sessions to learn how to apply the tools in real life situations.   

Five Mondays: June 1 – June 29.  6:00-7:45 pm

Sliding Scale:  $100-$200.  (Includes classes, course workbook, and mp3 guided meditations) 

Location: Virtual, Zoom

Register:  email Domonick.


You may contact me directly to schedule private or semi-private sessions.  

Many of us come to yoga and meditation to help alleviate stress and anxiety.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the pace of our lives or by the challenge of balancing work, family and social obligations.

As a mindfulness teacher and psychologist, Domonick has many tools to place in your toolbox to help you cope with life’s ups and downs.

The Anxiety 5-week series can be taken in a group setting, or scheduled as private sessions.  Anxiety tends to build on itself, maybe triggered by an event, then bolstered by other thoughts that create a bigger wave of anxiety.  This introductory course provides a basis for first noticing anxiety early in the cycle, before it becomes overwhelming.  You will then develop breathing and mindfulness tools to be able to reduce anxiety and panic at any time.  Finally, you will learn daily techniques to help keep anxiety in check, so you are less likely to experience episodes of panic.

Domonick’s background in Cognitive Neuroscience is applied to help you understand the brain’s stress/anxiety response and how these meditation and breathing techniques can help you change your brain over time to be less anxious.


For a short video introduction to the Yoga for Anxiety Series, click Yoga for Anxiety Intro.