Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions with Domonick

Many of us start with group yoga classes, and find them beneficial.  However, there are times when private instruction is more helpful.

1. Focusing on Personal Goals

Private yoga lessons offer you the ability to focus on your personal concerns and goals.  Instead of following along with a genereal plan designed for a group setting, private lessons allow an individual to set specific goals and plans, such as your personal goals for flexibility, strength or stress reduction.

Domonick will assess your goals during the first session and create a personalized routine based on the information you provide.

2. Overcoming Health Concerns

Injuries and health concerns may make a normal yoga class impractical.  Domonick has a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology to help create a yoga program to help you deal with your injuries or limitations and to help avoid further complications or injury.  When rehabilitating an injury, you will often need to practice more than once a week to gain traction on the issue.  Domonick will help you design an appropriate sequence to practice more regularly at home.

3. Creating a Personalized Schedule

Yoga can only help us when we practice, but fitting group classes into our busy schedules can be a real challenge.  Private sessions with Domonick work around your personal schedule to allow more consistency in your practice.  You will also have the option of developing easy-to-follow sequences for home-practice, that you can fit in between your family, work and social obligations.

4. Developing Greater Mindfulness Through Yoga

Group classes usually lean towards more physical practice, but the greatest benefits of yoga come through the mental and emotional training of mindfulness.  In private sessions, Domonick will take more time to explore with you how to apply the tools of mindfulness into your physical practice to reap greater benefits in reducing your stress and anxiety.

5. Learning to Practice Safely

In private sessions, you will receive more hands-on adjustments to get the feeling of the proper alignment for each pose.  This reduces the risk of injury from repeated misuse or misalignment, as well as enhances the efficacy of the pose.

60-Minute Private Sessions are $100.  You can pre-pay with Paypal.

Abdominal Bracing vs. Abdominal Hollowing

For years, I learned (and taught) abdominal hollowing techniques. Abdominal hollowing engages the core by drawing in the rectus abdominus and transverse abdominus muscles to hollow out the belly area.  However, in the last year I discovered that sucking in the gut with strong abdominal engagement can actually decrease core stabilization. The act of hollowing will create an oblique position of the diaphragm and pelvic floor, increases lumbar lordosis and creates hyperactive spinal erectors and stresses the psoas. 

Instead of hollowing, I now teach abdominal bracing.  In abdominal bracing, you start with an inhale to engage the diaphragm, which pushes down into the abdominal cavity. Combine this with the resistance created by lifting the pelvic floor, and adding a moderate contraction of the entire abdominal wall, including front and side belly and low back. The key muscles of the abdominal wall are the obliques, transverse abdominus, rectus abdominis, spinal erectors, pelvic floor, and the lats.

Together, you create Intra Abdominal Pressure that acts like an air-filled mattress to support your low back.    

Remember that the diaphragm has to contract first and the abdominal wall second and not the other way around. Contracting the abdominal wall too early or too strongly prevents the diaphragm from descending and is therefore counterproductive to creating the abdominal brace.

This link will take you to a Zoom class I taught on applying the abdominal brace to create a stable and happy back.  

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