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End of an Era:
Closing Down My Group Yoga Classes.

It’s with a mix of excitement and sadness that I announce the end of my group yoga classes.

The pandemic has led to change for many of us, whether it’s by moving, switching jobs or taking on a new hobby. This year, I decided to retool my skills and shift gears for the last twist in my professional lifespan.

I was recently accepted into a doctoral program in clinical psychology, which starts at the end of August. Given the full-time class load, plus a 20-hour/week practicum, I won’t be able to maintain my public group classes. 

I plan to continue to offer private instruction for now. So, if you still would like to study with me, email me to set up a private or small group session.  I also have created a Yoga Library from which you can stream pre-recorded classes.

Thank you for your of support of my 17-year teaching practice. It has been an enlightening journey for me and an honor and pleasure to work with you.





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