Corporate Wellness Program

Healthy and happy employees make the best employees.  They take fewer sick days, are more productive with their time, get along better with their workmates and report greater job satisfaction.


Domonick offers corporate wellness training that uses the tools of mindfulness to reduce employee stress and anxiety and enhance employee satisfaction.

Mindfulness involves paying attention to what is happening in the present moment non-judgmentally.  Mindfulness has been associated with a range of mental and physical health benefits, many of which are pertinent to the work environment.

Mindfulness can be developed through a variety of formal disciplines, like tai-chi, yoga and meditation, as well as through informal practices where the principles of mindfulness are applied to doing everyday activities, like brushing your teeth or driving your car.  Students of mindfulness learn to take greater voluntary control over their wandering attention as to enhance their focus and mental clarity.  With greater attentional awareness, students are able to notice when their mind has wandered off task, so that they can redirect themselves back on-task quickly and easily.  Studies have also shown that mindfulness is associated with a reduction in rumination, where we waste time getting stuck in a loop of regurgitating past unpleasant experiences and interactions.

Socially, mindfulness is associated with relationship satisfaction, as mindful students are better able to respond to relationship stress and to skillfully communicate about their emotional experience.  In a work environment, it is natural for conflicts to arise.  Mindfulness helps employees resolve conflicts more peacefully.  research also indicates that mindfulness mediation decreases emotional reactivity, so employees are less likely to fly off the handle when disagreements or unexpected occurrences arise.

Domonick offers one-time workshops, 6- or 8-week series courses, or on-going weekly classes in Mindfulness in the Workplace.

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Yoga is a time-tested practice that supports both physical and emotional well-being.  Domonick has over 10 years of experience bringing yoga to a variety of students with differing physical capabilities.  First and foremost, workplace yoga is a powerful stress-reducer.  Stress and anxiety are one of the biggest complaints people report about their work lives.  Employees leave yoga sessions feeling energized, refreshed and calm.  Corporate yoga programs have also been associated with increases in employee productivity and a decline in stress-related sick days.  Like mindfulness, yoga can train students to respond more calmly to stressful work situations.

Yoga also supports employees’ physical health, which can be compromised by long periods of desk sitting.  Yoga students learn how to align their bodies for comfortable sitting and standing.  They also learn simple stretches they can do at their desks to relieve chronic pain.  Yoga has been shown to help relieve:

  • headaches
  • neck and back strain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • insomnia
  • high blood pressure
  • work-related injuries from repetitive motion

Workplace yoga classes provide convenience for employees trying to balance the demands of long work hours and busy family lives.  Often, self-care takes the back seat or is skipped altogether.  As they say on airplanes, “put your own oxygen mask on first.”  Employees who take care of themselves are better able to take care of their clients, fellow employees and families.

Domonick offers weekly 1-hour on-site yoga sessions.  Classes are designed to meet the needs of employees, offering practices for everyone from complete beginners to students with an already-established practice.

Contact Domonick to inquire on what would best fit your corporate needs.