Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions with Domonick

Many of us start with group yoga classes, and find them beneficial.  However, there are times when private instruction is more helpful.

1. Focusing on Personal Goals

Private yoga lessons offer you the ability to focus on your personal concerns and goals.  Instead of following along with a genereal plan designed for a group setting, private lessons allow an individual to set specific goals and plans, such as your personal goals for flexibility, strength or stress reduction.

Domonick will assess your goals during the first session and create a personalized routine based on the information you provide.

2. Overcoming Health Concerns

Injuries and health concerns may make a normal yoga class impractical.  Domonick has a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology to help create a yoga program to help you deal with your injuries or limitations and to help avoid further complications or injury.  When rehabilitating an injury, you will often need to practice more than once a week to gain traction on the issue.  Domonick will help you design an appropriate sequence to practice more regularly at home.

3. Creating a Personalized Schedule

Yoga can only help us when we practice, but fitting group classes into our busy schedules can be a real challenge.  Private sessions with Domonick work around your personal schedule to allow more consistency in your practice.  You will also have the option of developing easy-to-follow sequences for home-practice, that you can fit in between your family, work and social obligations.

4. Developing Greater Mindfulness Through Yoga

Group classes usually lean towards more physical practice, but the greatest benefits of yoga come through the mental and emotional training of mindfulness.  In private sessions, Domonick will take more time to explore with you how to apply the tools of mindfulness into your physical practice to reap greater benefits in reducing your stress and anxiety.

5. Learning to Practice Safely

In private sessions, you will receive more hands-on adjustments to get the feeling of the proper alignment for each pose.  This reduces the risk of injury from repeated misuse or misalignment, as well as enhances the efficacy of the pose.

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Yogic Breathing Exercises (Pranayama)

Pranayama is a technique bringing under control all that is connected with Prana or Life Force.  These techniques are essential for cleansing and purifying the respiratory tract, the lungs, the blood stream and the various organs of the body, as well as for toning the nervous system and strengthening attention and concentration.

One of the beautiful benefits of working with the breath, is that it is always happening in the now.  Yoga, and many other spiritual traditions emphasize the importance of living in the present moment.  The present holds out power to choose how we want to invest our next moment.  

The present holds the richness of our lives.  When we invest our energy in reviewing the past or anticipating the future, we can really miss out on living.  So the breath can be used as a portal, an access point for us to reconnect with simply being right here, right now.


Online Zoom Teaching Schedule

Wednesday – 9:00 – 10:15 – Mindful Flow

Friday – 9:00 – 10:15 – Gentle Yoga

Saturday – 9:30 – 10:45 – Mindful Flow

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