In both the yoga and mindfulness traditions, Dana is the practice of cultivating generosity.  The practice of generous giving can directly support an individual, a family or society, as well as benefit the giver.  In Buddhist thought, Dana transforms the mind of the giver and is a trait associated with the development of happiness in the giver.

Teachers of mindfulness, from the Buddha to modern-day teachers, rely on Dana to support themselves.  If you attend a mindfulness retreat, the pre-paid cost of the retreat goes to support the retreat facilities and staff.  At the end of the retreat, students will make a separate contribution to support the teachers of the retreat.

Maintaining a mindfulness teaching practice in modern times can be financially challenging, and I greatly appreciate your support of my teaching here in Oakland.  If you would like to practice Dana, you may make a contribution electronically here through PayPal, or you may send a check to my home studio address:

12 Shetland Ct.
Oakland, CA 94605

Alternatively, you can make in-person cash contributions.

Dana is an optional practice for any student.  Your intention in practicing Dana is as important as the gift itself.  If it comes from a place other than generosity and care, then it is not Dana.

May the teachings of mindfulness and yoga continue to bless you.